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At BioTranslate International, we are committed to using our skills, knowledge and youthful time to serve and create the next generation of leaders. Our unique public-private partnership open model of innovation and implementation requires your input. Join us in this historic and unique science for social impact pan-African movement. This humanitarian not-for-profit organization was started by the Mbogo family and friends with the sole aim of making a societal impact to the most vulnerable and needy people in Africa and the world at large. We use our modest wages to support our people oriented programs, therefore your support would significantly impact many livelihoods in our target areas by providing: basic, psychological and self-fulfillment needs of the poor, vulnerable and neglected people in Africa upon which they can reliably sustain their personal and societal needs. Support can be in terms:

  1. Business partnership
  2. Financial support
  3. Technical support
  4. Collaboration
  5. Volunteering with us

Why you should work with us

  • Be your own boss by creating your job while mentoring others
  • Learn from multidisciplinary teams and faculties
  • Enjoy cultural exchange in Africa and Australia
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Enjoy our community engagements in Africa
  • Transfer and apply theoretical knowledge to practice
  • Make new friends, networks and business
  • Make a difference and live as legend
  • Be and inspire change agents
  • Attract your won partnerships, collaborations and investment into locally developed technologies.
  • Influence local and global policies
  • Advocate for equity and intellectual property for African contributions in medical discoveries.
  • Be a technical consultant and superhero in your area of specialty

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Novus Terra Uganda Limited

After 9 years of operation in rural Uganda, the affordability of services hampers ICT coverage to this end with support from Bio Translate International and friends we seek support to develop ICT resource centers in the region to sustain and expand our operations to the low income people in Masaka and other neighboring areas.

“Your donation will go along way in extension of this community service”

Account Number: 3201742603

Account Name: Noah Kirigwajjo

Success Stories

Click below to view our success stories

  1. Joseph Kigongo
  2. Derick Muyanja

Novus Terra-” the heart of technology”.

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