Capacity Building, Health And Education
  • NeXTGEN Healthcare (Healthcare in the Home)
    • Telehealth (apps)
    • Mobile Pathology -pathology testing a call away
    • Medical Referrals Australia to India.
    • Hospital (big hospital)
    • Hospital in the home (Medicals on call)
    • Health Promotion (new drug marketing)
    • Health Insurance (cheap packages)

Agribusiness And Value Addition
  • Food production, value addition and marketing (local and overseas)
  • Food preservation technology: Freeze drying and freezing technology project for perishable foods to increase shelf life and time to market
  • Biogas project-Waste recycling for renewable energy.
  • Vaccine production technology: Poultry vaccines production and access.
Advocacy And Leadership
  • Leadership training and infrastructure development
  • Future Trust funding for current and future emergencies
  • Research funding advocacy and support
  • African students’ welfare in Diaspora
  • Equality and Human rights activism
  • Intellectual property advocacy
  • Public health policy and advocacy

Women In Stemm And Equality
  1. Career advancement and mentor ship program
  2. Health and Welfare programs
  3. Business start-up and incubation program
  4. Professional and career program
  5. Family support program
  6. Employment and training programs
  7. Societal educational programs
Biotech-Industrialisation (Biopreneurs, Laboratopreneurs, Sociopreneurs And Humanoprenurs)
  • Manufacture of biological products such as vaccines.
  • Drug development.
  • Natural products advocacy
  • Lobbying for investment in processing plants in Africa

Business Incubation And Talent Management
  1. Business support structures
  2. Entrepreneurship Think Tanks
  3. Product development from concept to market
  4. Financial support and lobbying
  5. Partnerships and linkages
  6. Talent exchange in Africa to the world

Research And Development
  • Discovery Medical Research
    • Drug discovery
    • Diagnostics development
    • Biomarker discovery and evaluation
    • Equipment validation

Let’s build the community together.

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