Go-Getters Financial Solutions
  • Small loans and financial support
  • Shareholding and business bail out
  • Partnerships
  • Philanthropy
  • Educational loans
  • Insurance
  • Agribusiness and value addition
  • Coffee export

BioTranslate International Consultancies
  • Drug discovery and therapeutic testing
  • Assay development and evaluation
  • Medical writing and communication
  • Immunology, cell biology and applied Biochemistry
  • Disease surveillance and One health
  • Clinical Trials Management
  • Project planning and management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Epidemiology and biostatistics
  • Molecular Biology and Translational Bioinformatics
  • Biotech manufacturing and product development
BioTranslate International Speakers’ Bureau and Think Tank
  • Biopreneurs
  • Laboratopreneurs
  • Medicopreneurs
  • Sociopreneurs
  • Food security warriors
  • Online businesses and North-South Marketing
  • Health promotions and Health campaigns
  • Activism and advocacy Bureau
Faxtrack Auto Solutions
  • GPS trackers sales and GPS tracking services
  • Fleet management
  • Driving personnel assistance
  • Vehicle Procurement and market analysis
  • Alarm systems and installation
  • Vehicle Service Insurance
  • Safety installations such as Engine mobilizers and Auto break systems
NeXT-GEN Healthcare
  • Mobile pathology (ECGs, Glucometers, Pathology Collections and referral)
  • Mobile Health (Medicals on call)
  • Telehealth (apps)
  • Mobile Pathology -pathology testing a call away
  • Medical Referrals Australia to India.
  • Hospital (big hospital)
  • Hospital in the home (Medicals on call)
  • Health Promotion (new drug marketing)
  • Health Insurance (cheap packages)

BioTranslate International Laboratories
  • Cancer Biomarker research group
  • POC laboratory group
  • Diagnostic development group
  • Cardiovascular diseases research group
  • OMICs research group
  • Translational Virology research group
  • Neglected diseases research group
  • Diagnostic Biochemistry, Microbiology and molecular haematology group
  • BioTranslate International Speakers’ Bureau and Think Tank
Novus Terra (U) Limted

The one stop I.C.T centre –
Offering you access to the best I.C.T tools.

Driven by the desire, to offer I.C.T related technological services to African societies at favorable costs and to help all people have access to information, Novus Terra Technologies was set up in 2012. The company has been operational with it mission till now.