The African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 states the aspirations for the Africa we want to achieve. Our vision is embedded in aspiration number one which states that: “Africa shall be a prosperous continent, with the means and resources to drive its own development, with sustainable and long-term stewardship of its resources. A continent where poverty is eradicated in one generation and shared prosperity is built through social and economic transformation of the continent through manufacturing, value addition as well as science and technology-driven innovation. The African people shall have a high quality of life, a high standard of living, sound health and well-being. The African people shall be well educated and highly skilled, with science, technology and innovation being the bedrock of its inclusive educational systems. The blue and ocean economy shall be major contributors to continental transformation and accelerated economic growth. Africa’s agriculture will be modern and productive, using science, technology, innovation and indigenous knowledge. Africa shall have environmentally sustainable and climate resilient economies and communities”(AFRICAN-UNION, 2015). Our “one size fits all” holistic model addresses 13 out of 17 United Nations Sustainable development goals (SDGs) including: 1) No poverty, 2) Zero hunger, 3) Good health and well-being, 4) Quality Education, 5) Gender equality, 7) Affordable and clean energy, 8) decent work and economic growth, 9) Industry, innovation and infrastructure, 11) sustainable cities and communities, 12) Responsible consumption and production, 13) Climate action, 16) Peace, justice and strong institutions and 17) Partnerships for the goals. Our unique experiences attained in transition from the most vulnerable societies into change agents with a global exposure underpins our commitment and North-South bidirectional exchange of lessons back to sub-Saharan Africa, with a substantively sustained demand for interventions.

At the core of our approach and organization are self-reliance and Pan-African driven sustainable development strategies and programs evolving around people participation and capacity building. This is comprised of both the diaspora and local compatriots aimed at contributing to improved livelihoods of the vulnerable societies in Sub-Saharan Africa using a unique applied translational Biomedical Science approach. This concept evolves around developing local products/labor for the international market as well as developing targeted interventions against common problems orchestrating poverty, disease and social stigma in these settings. This multidisciplinary approach leverages on the expertise of our team in applied biomedical technology, agricultural science, legal affairs, social sciences and medicine attained both locally and overseas. This unique sub-population of elites are equipped to deliver products that can cut across global economic zones by actively transferring knowledge from the developed world to solve common-man problems in Africa, with a net gain in employment, value for money and ultimately equality.

This fast-tracked idea was benchmarked on current youth boom in Sub-Saharan Africa, correlating strongly with unemployment and unemployability; factors essential for sustaining huge poverty levels, disease resurgence and poor livelihoods. We have resolved to employ our expertise to tap into the vast breadth of knowledge attained over the years spanning industrialization, capacity building for public health, life science and international development to drive a youth-led movement against status quo as we move towards 100% achievement of the SDGs by 2030. Our unique strategy dubbed “Leader for Leaders: One size fits all solution driven and tailored approach to holistic societal change” was adopted from John C Maxwell definition, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”(Maxwell, 2011). Having risen through the social hierarchy among our peers, we are committing ourselves to this greater cause to provide direction and inspiration as we build the next generation of leaders and change agents of Africa and the world at large.

Our team of experts will deliver a holistic multi-disciplinary i.e. educational Biomedical science, public health, social science, Agri-business and product development approaches to collaboratively steer sustainable development using Uganda as a model. Using our big local youth and global networks, we shall drive and advocate for health, political and social-economic equity sustainably. This is a unique approach that we believe will shift, donor dependency to more self-sustainable entities capable of solving local problems while contributing to global progress. To this end, we are on the drive to lobby for resources, recruiting cadres and formulating a robust implementation strategy.

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