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BioTranslate International Limited, is a Not-for Profit company limited by guarantee incorporated under section 18(3) of the Companies Act 2012 of the Republic of Uganda. We are a team of youthful and diverse pan-African professionals living in Africa and the diaspora joined by our humble backgrounds spanning the most vulnerable communities. We share common ethos such as; faith in humanity, making a difference, and social responsibility for our own societal transformation. We believe in use of compound strategies spanning formal and informal education including a combination of Biomedical sciences (biomedical, medical and physical sciences), social sciences, life skills and futuristic strategies to drive social-economic transformation of our communities. Having gone through the entire array of experience of; growing, studying, surviving and converting the most adverse conditions and circumstances surrounding our rural and poor communities in Uganda to globally recognised and celebrated professionals, we are thus clearly the true role models, change agents and next generation leaders that our societies need, upon which best practices, lessons and solutions could be drawn from. By far, Africa has the youngest but economically less utilized youths (< 25 years) estimated at 60% of the entire population. This youth boom predates major crises including; population explosion, disease resurgence (HIV), increased social unrest, uncontrolled migration patterns and other social problems as well as being economic liabilities to already struggling countries. Conversely, this poses a unique human capital opportunity that if benchmarked on countries such as China could cause a paradigm social-economic transformation of our continent. We also have unparalleled primary information on the resourcefulness of many countries in sub-Saharan Africa compared to other Western countries. For example, in Uganda, the pearl of Africa, the fertile soils that can grow any type of food along with a constant fresh water supply and only two seasons precludes food insecurity and high poverty levels. These current crises mandate the children of the land to return and apply the attained knowledge and skills for the redemption of our own. We are therefore offering ourselves to our communities to explore, find, innovate and implement solutions to poverty which is the major limiting factor to achievement of social-economic transformation, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2063 goals including but not limited to; food insecurity, poor health outcomes, poor living conditions, poor access to clean water and unemployment.

Our shared vision is to achieve, A sustainably prosperous, healthier, progressive and inclusive Africa. This vision was inspired by the African Union Agenda 2063 and the United Nations SDGs. Our mission is to lead a Science for social-economic transformation of Africa. In this model, we shall employ a combination of biomedical science and technology with social sciences to break the vicious cycle of poverty through a public-private sector interventions in medicine, science and technology, applied research, industrialization, value addition and human capacity building one country at a time. The core underpinning principle of our strategy is sustainability which can only be achieved by human capital building capacity within the affected communities. Our strategy dubbed “Leader for Leaders: One size fits all solution driven and tailored approach to holistic societal change.” was adopted from John C Maxwell (Maxwell, 2011). We believe that everyone has the moral obligation to inspire change as well as the required leadership attributes which must be nurtured, harnessed and directed to cause a multiplier societal chain of change events. Our end goal is to achieve holistically empowered and productive communities against common social problems as a buffer to future and unforeseen challenges. This model and experience will be transferred and shared to different parts of Africa in a typical pan-African fashion and other parts of the world at large as we move towards a better world for the next generation.

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