Message from the Managing Director

Dr. Sheila Nankoberanyi BBLT (Hons), MSc, PhD, DPPM

On behalf of the entire operational team and the women in service of our society, I greet you all in your respective capacities all protocols observed. My name is Dr. Sheila Nankoberanyi PhD the Managing Director and one of the co-Founders of Bio Translate International. Our mandate has been well elaborated in the subsequent pages of our website and by the Chief Executive officer. To create a twist in our approach is the female perspective I bring in our activities, projects and program areas in order to have equal representation in overall strategy as well as signaling to other girls and women to pursue their maximum potential. It should be noted that women are the backbone of generation changes and all efforts have been established achieve inclusivity in all domain of society including finance, innovation, science, decision making and leadership. Women participation overlaps all the Sustainable development goal form (1)Eliminate Poverty, (2)Erase Hunger (3)Establish Good Health and Well-Being (4)Provide Quality Education (5) Enforce Gender Equality (6) Improve Clean Water and Sanitation (8) Create Decent Work and Economic Growth (9) Increase Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (10) Reduce Inequality (12)Influence Responsible Consumption and Production (16) Guarantee Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions and (17)Build Partnerships for the Goals. In the area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) institute of statistics (UIS) data, it was indicated that in sub-Saharan Africa less than 30% of the world’s researchers are women. This report also deciphers the extent of women employment in the public, private or academic sectors, as well as their fields of research. This huge gap could alludes to major underlying causes in addition to the prevailing systemic and policy framework of the different countries towards women. Therefore in order to reduce the gender gap efforts must be implemented to identify the qualitative factors that deter women from pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Such efforts must be directed by women with experience in the field of STEM in partnership with other leaders to project the voice of the voiceless. To this end, our projects will adopt new performance indicators to reflect about the dynamics that shape women’s decisions to pursue STEM careers – from their educational pathways to the social factors, such as starting a family and workplace environment. This aligns well with the Bio Translate International ‘leader for leader model” across all the 7 thematic areas. In addition we shall partner with leaders in STEM and Gender Advancement (SAGA) to influence policy and systems in Africa. Our adaptive model will accommodate all changes in the system that are tailored to the different communities as the “one size fits all” approach might not work for women in diverse cultural, social, economic and racial profiles. I am excited to finally unpack our pack for everyone’s consumption and I advise all you to come and serve this noble cause together as we move towards “a sustainably prosperous, healthier, progressive and inclusive Africa”. For God and my Country.

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