And the hustle had to move on as usual we hard to push on harder with my mates again to find a life in that industry but it seemed not to work out close to what we had in expectations

Thing is the industry couldn’t produce any results for us who put in time but for those we called our bosses. We had to invest in a lot of time and energy to receive even nothing but lunch not even get something house our supper

We had nothing as an achievement we could lift those speakers and make sure we arrange everything ready for the show before the show starts and when the show starts we were the same persons to do the performance ,perform upto around 1 in the morning for an incredible audience and surely our bosses got certified to the fact tha we could leave the audience pleased and all in applause but either fortunately or unfortunately our sweat was all proved futile

because I remember it was around 2013 but the payment I could receive was around 4000 ugx currently close to $1.15 that was only enough for my lunch. So I had to walk back home to sleep as I planned for another hustle the following day and in all there is no achievement I earned from that industry apart from empty promises of once to become a star that happened never


as I moved on trying to configure out a living in my day to day hustle, one evening as we were doing our practices for an upcoming show a certain gentleman who was around as we did our practices called me for a word and told me about an organisation they called Novus Terra that helped the youth in certain fields and when we had quite a good conversation he told me about a few sectors they held in their organisation

I initially picked intrest in the computer feield where I had to immediately commense with being given some serious lessons via information technology and hands on computer sciences, it was a bulk to be put in my brains but had no alternative . afterall the course was entirely free of charge, so I had to take it as an opportunity to learn something new that even sounded interesting a field

Within the insititution that then had its base in Mityana I found more interest in studying the computer hardware and in that field I was foccusing on the repair and maintenance . I happened to be one of the good students that the course took me less than a year and I had learnt a lot to an extent that there was a lot that I could do on my own . it was so evident that I could then help fix some of the hardware issues in the labaratory in the Novus Terra insitution

Then life seemed to be moving on but I wa worried about what would happen after am done with the course entirely but then the leaders of the organisation seemed even miraculous that one of the leaders came out as we were heading to a certain test and he told us that the best student in any out the different course units would be given a pushing hand either for futher studies or given a starting hand for the next step in life .thats when I realised that I had to push on harder with the course,obviously I was the best in repair and maintenance

A certain gentleman then told me a certain funds was to be received from abroad that was meant to be given out to help in the different fields that I was to be favoured personally for my different result that I showed up .so I had to wait in prayer that I did with a lot of expectations that I had to stand still with hope and faith waiting for what would happen next ,unemployed as I was I then had to hustle on to see myself survive for that time as I waited because in that time lag I had nothing to survive on to the fact that I was not at school and had no job but had to wait with some good computer hardware knowledge in my mind

I had then lost hope and had no plans for what would happen next that I was planning on going back to the performing bit of life that had no serious prospects in my life but could atleast make me busy and produced me some lunch for my empty stomach


It was then a quiet morning then that I received a text from one of the gentlemen that told me they had received some money to push their projects that I was to be given an aid also . he told me to get a room some where in town that I could start renting and then start doing some commercial computer repair and maintenance

I found the room somewhere in Majestic plaza along William street in Kampala .i joined some guys who also gave me hands on help that also trained me on how to handle clients that soon became my personal customers in a workshop that had a number of members that could work hand in hand

But as I kept on moving on with work in that new field the CEO of Novus Terra told me to also think about computer as a business not only the repair field that he told me to look for market and sources of good computers and other hardware at large and trust me that’s where I realized that a breakthrough could happen in my life

This gentleman found an amount of 5 millions Ugandan shillings that he invested in that business that I had to pay back once the system starts moving on normally .i was lucky that I started the business with 6 second hand laptops and some few desktop computers then

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