Dr. Sheila Nankoberanyi

Managing Director

Dr. Sheila Nankoberanyi BSc, MSc, PhD, DPPM is the Managing Director and co-founder of BioTranslate International. She is a Ugandan born, educated and compatriot based in Australia-Melbourne with a huge breadth of expertise ranging from public health, biotechnology, industrialisation, corporate management, social advocacy, and Program management attained in Uganda and Australia. She is a mother, an internationally recognised Global Health Practitioner, program manager, academician, teacher, leader, mentor, philanthropist and a fierce advocate for Gender Equality particularly in areas of; Science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM). Her motivation is derived from her humble academic journey. She attended St. Anne Primary School Kabowa at elementary level, Our Lady of Good Counsel Gayaza and Uganda Martyrs’ SS Namugongo for higher education. She later joined Makerere University Kampala to pursue a Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology. She initially worked in the Uganda public health laboratories. She subsequently undertook research on WHO/TDR funded the neglected Sleeping sickness disease; She also pioneered establishment of the first cGMP certified Vaccine production Biotech Company in sub-Saharan Africa under Prof. Vinand Nantulya. She was awarded the prestigious Forgaty International Fellowship under Prof. Philip Rosenthal from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) during her MSc in Molecular Biology from Makerere University. Her passion for leadership and driving societal change led to a Postgraduate diploma in Project Planning and Management at the Uganda management institute. In 2014, she was awarded a PhD fellowship to examine molecular surveillance tools for tropical parasitic diseases under Ass/Prof. Warwick Grant PhD at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia. Her 11 year career has led to advanced cutting edge tools for disease surveillance in addition to using biotechnology and scientific approaches to societal problem solving. She remains the first Ugandan to complete her PhD in La Trobe University and African Clinical Research Manager in Nucleus Network LTD a corporate company in Melbourne with a mandate of conducting clinical trials in Melbourne Australia. She has successfully coordinated > 5 studies in her tenure. She has also had a short stint in CSL Melbourne to benchmark modern therapeutic discovery modalities. In addition, she is a proprietor of two online businesses bringing a huge experience in marketing, product development, brand management and value addition. Her target audiences span the corporate, middle class to the lower class in Uganda, therefore her experience is indispensable to the success of BioTranslate International. In her role she oversees the organizational operations and partnerships whilst mentoring the next generation of leaders.

E: s.nankoberanyi@biotranslateinternational.org | nankshila@yahoo.com

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