Dr. George Williams Mbogo

Dr. George Williams Mbogo BBLT, MSc, PhD, DPPP, MAIMS is the Chief Executive Officer of BioTranslate International. He a Ugandan born social entrepreneur and Global Health Practitioner based in Melbourne Australia. He has over 11 years of global health experience spanning medical research, public health and social entrepreneurship attained in Uganda and Australia. He attained his Primary education in St Stephen Primary School Kinoni Masaka in 1999, Secondary education at Masaka Secondary School in 2005. He later joined Makerere University to pursue a Bachelors of Biomedical Laboratory Technology, Masters of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, a postgraduate diploma n project planning and management. In 2014, he joined La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a major in pharmaceutical sciences. He has 11 years of experience spanning neglected tropical diseases, animal science, plant biotechnology, virology, non-communicable diseases and public health. His key career highlights include; (1) pioneering of the first cGMP vaccine production facility in Africa in 2010; (2) Forgaty fellow 2010-2013 (3) PhD fellow La Trobe University 2014-2017; (4) a Medical Research Officer at the Burnet Institute Australia 2017-2018 and co-founder of BioTranslate International. His work has led to discovery novel treatment for HIV, Heart Failure, stroke, Diabetes, and malaria. For his work, he was awarded a La Trobe University Nancy Millis Gold Medal of Research Excellence, ViiV postdoctoral Award, Global Young Academy membershipPan-African Australian Diaspora Network (PAADN)Victorian Royal Society, Australian Virology Society, Golden Key International  and Australian Centre for Hepatitis Virology. He is an accomplished and recognized young leader with passion for social entrepreneurship and human capacity building of the vulnerable communities in Africa leveraging on a South-North strategy through technological, market sharing and knowledge transfer under the Science for Social Impact Movement.

E: gmbogo@biotranslateinternational.org | mbggeorge@yahoo.co.uk

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