Core Values

  1. Equity and justice: Our work evolves around fairness and respect for human rights at all levels of life despite the social, economic, gender, racial, political and religious dimensions.

2. Inspire by action: We lead the positive change movement by action enriched by our own personal journeys and lessons. As John Quincy Adams puts it, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Our leadership principles are driven by empathy deep-rooted in our past experiences. Our team and beneficiaries should feel and own up other people’s struggles irrespective of their social, economic, racial, gender, political and religious status with an absolute willingness to lend a hand to help them cross.

3. Commitment and Passion: We are proud pan-Africanists committed to using our knowledge and time for the good of our communities and the world at large at all costs in absolute honesty and selfless dedication.

4. Communication and partnership: We represent the ordinary young people rising up against a common social problem, therefore we communicate to motivate the soul and cause action while soliciting mutual partnerships and involvement from stakeholders.

5. Accountability: Each one of us is responsible for our mission with an open-ended mindset for improvement.

6. Empowerment and responsibility: We are all leaders and we take everything personal from our team members to our target groups

7. Creativity and Innovation: We think out of the box to craft and embrace unique tailored and novel ideas and translate them into reality with shear hard work.

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