Message from the CEO

Dr. George Williams Mbogo ( BBLT (Hons), MSc, PhD, MAIMS, DPPM)

Distinguished friends, partners and compatriots ladies and gentlemen, I salute you all in all capacities. My name is George Williams Mbogo PhD and I am the CEO and one of the co-founders of Bio Translate International Limited. It’s an absolute pleasure and honor to lead a unique “Science to Social Impact” movement of dedicated and passionate people towards the noble cause of transforming our society. Our organization is a Not-for Profit Company limited by guarantee initially operating in Uganda, but with a global dispensation to cause a paradigm shift against the status quo. We are in the process of registration as a fully established Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). At the peak of a youth boom worldwide, Africa seems to have the least plans of tapping into this human capital. In turn the opportunities of the youth boom are rather a “ticking time bomb” for a massive humanitarian crisis. Science being the foundation of life, innovations and problem solving, it’s our mandate as Scientists to join the struggle through a multidisciplinary mode of action towards social-economic transformation of our society. This is the first formation of this kind and our unique thematic and program packages accommodate the current and future needs of the world. We have assembled a team of youthful and diverse pan-African professionals living in Africa and the diaspora joined by our humble backgrounds spanning the most vulnerable communities to share their experience, expertise, competencies and knowledge attained formally and informally to the world. Our compound strategy spans combinations of Biomedical sciences (biomedical, medical and physical sciences), social sciences, life skills and futuristic strategies to drive social-economic transformation of our communities. In our broad based and open-ended model we are offering ourselves to our communities to explore, find, innovate and implement solutions against poverty which is the long standing threat social-economic growth and achievement of the African Union Agenda 2063 and sustainable development goals (SDGs). Our shared vision is “to achieve, a sustainably prosperous, healthier, progressive and inclusive Africa”. Another unique attribute to our model is the deviation from the conventional NGO model of “just giving” to “sustainable human capacity building” through public-private sector interventions in; medicine, science and technology, applied research, industrialization, and agribusiness value addition one country at a time. This so called “Leader for leader” will nurture the best talents in our society and re-deploying them to create chain of beneficiaries in our community of operation. The end goal is to achieve holistically empowered and productive communities against common social problems as a buffer to future and unforeseen challenges. This model and experience will be transferred and shared to different parts of Africa in a typical pan-African fashion and other parts of the world at large as we move towards a better world for the next generation. Thank you so much and we look forward to a life-long relationship in service. For God and My Country”