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1. Equity and justice: Our work evolves around fairness and respect for human rights at all levels of life despite the social, economic, gender, racial, political and religious dimensions.

Where We Work

Country: Uganda

Key populations:Farmers, Youths (unemployed educated and others), Small and medium enterprise owners (SMEs), the women and the children


A. Capacity Building, Health And Education


  1. Go-Getters Financial Solutions
    • Small loans and financial support
    • Shareholding and business bail out
    • Partnerships
    • Philanthropy

Work with us

At BioTranslate International, we are committed to using our skills, knowledge and youthful time to serve and create the next generation of leaders.

Get to know us

BioTranslate International Limited, is a Not-for Profit company limited by guarantee incorporated under section 18(3) of the Companies Act 2012 of the Republic of Uganda. We are a team of youthful and diverse pan-African professionals living in Africa and the diaspora joined by our humble backgrounds spanning the most vulnerable communities. We share common ethos such as; faith in humanity, making a difference, and social responsibility for our own societal transformation. We believe in use of compound strategies spanning formal and informal education including a combination of Biomedical sciences (biomedical, medical and physical sciences), social sciences, life skills and futuristic strategies to drive social-economic transformation of our communities. Having gone through the entire array of experience of; growing, studying, surviving and converting the most adverse conditions and circumstances

A sustainably prosperous, healthier, progressive and inclusive Africa.

To lead a Science for social-economic transformation of Africa initiative through a public-private sector intervention in medicine, science and technology, applied research, industrialization, value addition, social sciences, and human capacity building one country at a time.

Leader for Leaders: One size fits all solution driven and tailored approach to holistic societal change. Adopted from John C Maxwell definition, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”(Maxwell, 2011). This will address the leadership crisis among young people in Africa and the world at large.


  1. To improve food security and foreign exchange through value addition innovations and north-south product marketing of local agricultural products through research and development.
  2. To discover, develop and increase access to affordable and accessible diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in response to existing and emerging public health disparities.
  3. To attract all biomedical expatriates to Africa to increase the pool of technical change agents for sustainable capacity building
  4. To train, equip and empower the young professionals with modern knowledge through exchange and mentor ship programs
  5. To partner with local companies to expand their market space through exposures and other platforms
  6. To provide a platform for biomedical information exchange towards societal transformation
  7. To advocate for rights and inclusivity of biomedical and affiliated experts worldwide towards obtaining equal share on scientific contributions.
  8. To empower women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics (STEMM) as a tool for equality and social economic transformation.